Top 3 Towing Tips for Happy Trail Riding

Top 3 Towing Tips for Happy Trail Riding

Tip number one

Let’s take a look at what makes a tow vehicle suitable. The wheelbase is the first thing to consider. A proper wheelbase is essential for stability when towing live weight. In the past, the basic truck-cab and eight-foot bed combination was the only option. There are many combinations now. Choose something that is equal to the wheelbase of the basic cab and eight-foot bed. A short bed truck, for example, should work fine provided it has an extended cab or crew cab. This is how you get the idea.

A Bronco-type vehicle that does not have the correct wheelbase is an example of an inappropriate choice.

Tip number two

The second thing to think about is power. It’s not fun to haul a truck over a mountain pass without enough power. Today’s trucks often come with a heavy-duty package, which usually includes a tow box. This gives you more power, a bigger radiator, wiring, receiver, and receiver.

Think about the tonnage. For pulling a trailer of two horses and one horse, a half-ton truck will do the job. The performance of the truck will be reduced if it is equipped with a camper. To add a camper, you will need a truck of three-quarters ton. Click here to read about Here are some things you need to know if you want safe trailer towing.

You will get more power if you have a manual transmission.

Not recommended: Add an after-market “chip” to your engine to increase performance and speed. For safety’s sake, I won’t haul a live weight at a higher speed than is necessary.

Tip number three

Check that your tires are capable of handling the load. Heat buildup can cause a blowout. For proper inflation of both the trailer and truck tires, check with your local tire shop before the start of the season.

You don’t need the latest model rig to make a difference. You must be committed to maintaining your rig and making it work for you!

You must make sure that you are able to get to your Happy Trails and Good Riding!

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